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Who We Are

Haji Muhammad Saleem


Haji M. Saleem (late) - May Allah bless his soul with peace and grant him a high rank in Jannah. Ameen. Haji M. Saleem (late) was born in 1940 in Baagh-e-Shireen, district Mirpur, Azad Kashmir. He embarked on a journey of hard work from a young age, starting with selling boiled eggs and salt at the railway station for one rupee. In 1961, he traveled from Karachi to England, arriving on March 3, 1961. Haji Sahb secured employment at "Walsley Mill" in Leeds in 1962/63. He ventured into the sweets business and began crafting delicacies such as bhalu shahi, jalebi, and biscuits. As his expertise grew, he expanded his offerings to include gulab jamun and eventually established his own bakery, "Crown Bakery/Bakers," in 1970. In addition to his bakery, he also operated an airport taxi service using his Fox van in 1971. Haji Sahb's entrepreneurial spirit led him to inaugurate Nafees Bakery on March 20, 1979, which included a cafeteria. Over time, he further expanded the establishment by constructing halls above the bakery, which served as a restaurant. Recognizing his philanthropic activities, Haji Sahb received the Khiraj-e-Tehseen (Pride of Honor) from Abdul Majeed Malik, Chief Justice of the High Court, in 1983, along with other prestigious awards. On September 11, 2000, Haji Sahb laid the foundation stone of Kashmir Institute of Cardiology (KIC), which was later inaugurated on May 11, 2002, by the Prime Minister. Furthermore, his efforts led to the construction of Jameya Masjid Khaatim un Nabiyeen O Mursaleen (S.A.W.W) mosque in Sector D3 Gharbi on August 23, 2004. Haji M. Saleem (late) left behind a remarkable legacy of hard work, entrepreneurial success, and philanthropy in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir. Following the legacy of their late father, Haji M. Saleem, the Nafees Group is currently being operated by his four sons. Two of the brothers are based in the UK, while the other two are in Pakistan. Raffay Saleem is responsible for overseeing the operations of Nafees Bakers, ensuring the continued success of the bakery business. Additionally, Rashid Saleem takes care of Nafees Marquee and Halls, managing the event venue services provided by the Nafees Group. Together, the four brothers work diligently to carry forward their father's vision and maintain the reputation of the Nafees brand.

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